About the Doc

Richard Kolbell

Richard Kolbell

I came to sports early in life, and played competitively through college and beyond. I came to travel while hitchhiking across the country during college, in 1971. I came to photography shortly after that, before traversing the United States again, and settling in Oregon in 1976. Along the way, I obtained my Ph.D. at the University of Oregon, and established a career as a clinical and forensic neuropsychologist, working with a remarkable variety of people before retiring in 2015. 

I still engage sports, simply because I enjoy it. I still travel, simply because I enjoy it.  I still spend time with people, near to home and far away, simply because I enjoy it. I still take pictures, simply because I enjoy it. I share them now, simply because I am grateful for these delights.

Thanks for having a look, and I hope you enjoy.

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